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Heavy Space is a sci-fi webcomic about Mia and her outcast crew of robots as they deal with the consequences of accidentally starting the fourth Galactic War.

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Infinite Sparrow Art and Design


Infinite Sparrow primarily focuses on art and design for graphic tees as well as a small selection of other useful items ranging from tote bags to shower curtains

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Patreon is a Crowdfunding website that enables you to support the creators and projects you want to see more of by subscribing to them on a monthly basis.

If you like reading Heavy Space, or seeing what I'll draw next, and would like to send some support my way, then Patreon is the best way to do it.

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Why Patreon?

Although Heavy Space is free to read, creating it takes time...a lot of it. Your support allows more time to be dedicated to writing and drawing Heavy Space, resulting in a steady flow of new stories and art. A win, win scenario for everyone.

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Take a look at the rewards offered in the four reward level options (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum).

At the Bronze level, you receive:

- 6 Essential Line Art Brushes for Clip Studio Paint

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Get all previous rewards in the Bronze level, as well as access to Silver rewards:

- Access to posts of Work In Progress, featuring a sneak peek into the ongoing development of Heavy Space. This includes:

  • Character designs
  • Story art/Cover art
  • Product/Merch development
  • Comissions etc.

- Access to Daily Doodles, posted each weekday. This includes:

  • Warmup drawings
  • SFW anatomy drawings
  • Other miscellaneous study drawings.

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Get all previous rewards in the Bronze and Silver levels, as well as access to Gold rewards:

- View Early Access posts of new and unreleased Heavy Space pages as soon as they are created.

- Access to posts of The People’s Sketch (4 sketches per month). Every Friday, you can vote on what character I sketch next. The sketch will be posted on the following Monday.

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Get all of the previous rewards in the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, as well as access to Platinum rewards:

- Access to How It's Made posts showing every stage of development involved in making a Heavy Space page. This includes:

  • Thumbnail sketches
  • Pencils
  • Inks
  • Colors (or Tones)
  • Final lettered artwork

- Access to Think Draw Repeat, a Monthly Q&A group chat session on Discord with other Platinum level supporters.

  • Held on the last Sunday of every month at 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

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Digital art tools for comic book artists

Store Over time, I have developed a number of digital page templates, brush presets, and actions with the aim of attaining a streamlined, more efficient workflow when creating comic book artwork.



Short Bio

After graduating the Illustration and New Media Design programs at Sheridan College, Neil spent the next 11 years at a design firm in Toronto as a web designer while also creating fine art serigraphs for half of those years.

Neil is now focusing on illustration and sequential art.

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