Neil Collyer is a Canadian Comic Book Artist.

Currently Available for Illustration Projects.
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Email Neil for rates and availability.

Comic Book Art

Email Neil for rates and availability.

Pages 1-3
Batman sample pages.

Pages 4-8
Fallen Suns Season 1 pages.

Pages 9-14
Boomeragnarok pitch pages.

Character Design

Email Neil for rates and availability.


Email Neil for rates and availability.

Custom black and white original art on bristol paper.


Heavy Space is a webcomic about Mia and her crew of outcast robots struggling for survival in a universe that wants them dead.

Written and Drawn by Neil Collyer


Neil Collyer is a multi-disciplined freelance illustrator with a Graphic Design background.


Neil illustrates comic books, covers, character designs and custom commissions.

Graphic Design

With over a decade of graphic design experience, Neil creates comic book logos, lettering, and book designs.

Digital Art Tools

High quality, affordable comic book templates and brush packs for Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, and Procreate.


Custom Original and Digital Art

Prices range from $20-$200, depending on the size and content you select for your commission.

Available Sizes - 2.5x3.5" Sketchcard, 8.5x11", 11x17"

Content Choices - Bust, Full body, Multiple Characters, SFW, and NSFW.



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