Standard Character Design Template for Procreate

“Standard Character Design Template for Procreate” is a package quality-made, high resolution (300 and 450dpi) character design template files for digital comic book and concept artists.

The templates provide a measured work-space to create characters, vehicles, buildings, or anything else that requires a scaled unit of measurement. The templates use the imperial system of measurement (inches, feet), with the exception of the "Custom" template that allows you to write in your own scale and unit of measurement. Here's a brief example of how the scales work: For the 1:12 Scale template, 1 inch on the page represents 12 inches (1 foot) in actual size. In this scale, a character that is 6 feet tall in real life will be represented as 6 inches tall on the page. Note: DO NOT PURCHASE THESE TEMPLATES IF YOU DO NOT OWN AN IPAD PRO (12.9 INCH MODEL). These templates are NOT optimized for any other iPad.

Purchasing Details

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After clicking the buy now button, you will be directed to Sellfy to complete the purchase.

Here’s a list of the files that are included in the package of character design templates

  • 5 Single Page Templates
    • 1:9 Scale (1 inch = 0.75 foot)
    • 1:18 Scale (1 inch = 1.5 foot)
    • 1:24 Scale (1 inch = 2 feet)
    • 1:36 Scale (1 inch = 3 feet)
    • Custom Scale (You write in the unit of measurement and scale)
  • 5 Double Page Templates
    • 1:6 Scale (1 inch = 0.75 foot)
    • 1:12 Scale (1 inch = 1.5 foot)
    • 1:24 Scale (1 inch = 2 feet)
    • 1:36 Scale (1 inch = 3 feet)
    • Custom Scale (You write in the unit of measurement and scale)


Available In Two Print-Capable Resolutions

Included in the file package, are templates and brushes at print resolutions of 45DPI, and 300DPI.

These files are the at the highest resolution currently possible for Procreate on the iPad Pro (12.9 inch model).

  • Due to Procreate file size limitations, 450DPI is currently the highest resolution possible. As trade off to having a print-resolution file, there are a maximum of 12 layers available to use in the single page template file.
  • In the double page 450DPI template file, the layer maximum is drastically reduced to 4 Layers. This is an unavoidable limitation imposed by Procreate on the iPad.

These files are print-capable files that allow for a greater number of layers to be used (compared to the 400DPI files).

Changeable background colour

The background is on a separate color block layer, and can be changed to any color you require with a couple of clicks.

Changeable color and opacity for template information and markings

  • Template Markings Color: The template elements (Creator info, page info, crop marks etc.) are on one separate layer (with a transparent background) that can be changed in a couple of clicks.
  • Template Markings Opacity: If you require the template elements to be less or more prominent, change the opacity of the template element layers: they can be found within the “Page Template” layer.

Tech Specs

Technical Requirements

You MUST have all of the following items to be able to use this package of comic book page templates.

  • iPad Pro (12.9 inch model)
  • Procreate for iPad (the most recent version)
  • Dropbox (for transferring the templates to procreate)

Template Page Specifications

Single Page

  • Bleed Size: 10.3128″ x 15.656″
  • Trim Size: 9.9378″ x 15.281″

Double Page

  • Bleed Size: 20.2506″ x 15.656″
  • Trim Size: 19.8756″ x 15.281″

Intended Usage

Who Are these Templates Intended For?

  • Digital artists who use procreate on the iPad Pro (12.9 inch model) and intend for the artwork to be printed.
  • Independent comic book creators who are working on a comic book that does not have a specific publisher lined up yet..
  • Students who are creating comic book artwork samples to take to conventions or to post on community forums for peer feedback.
  • Hobbyists who are creating a comic for their own enjoyment.

Who are these templates NOT Intended For?

  • If you do not have the iPad Pro (12.9 inch model), these templates will not load in. DO NOT PURCHASE THESE TEMPLATES IF YOU DO NOT OWN AN IPAD PRO (12.9 INCH MODEL). Currently, The iPad Pro (12.9 inch model) is the only iPad that supports these page templates.
  • If you have publisher lined up, these templates will likely not have the exact page dimensions required by your publisher. (Note: If there is enough demand, I will create new templates for your project using your page specifications.)